Hurt Enterpirses is an all-American, down-home business. Our customers are neighbors, local farmers and surrounding community members. Our business began when there was a need for everyday help for auto repair. Throughout the past 35 years, services grew to include excavation and septic system installations and the generation of sawdust for local farms. We, just like most Americans, strive to build a life by delivering quality work and fulfilling the needs of customers - and that means diversification. We help our local farmers. We help our neighbors. We can help you.
Hurt Enterprises 2014
Being a big advocate for eco-friendly products and for bettering the environment, Hurt Enterprises takes a front seat on the bus to a less wasteful use of our earth's trees. By recyling unwanted and unused pine softwood, there is less waste. Hurt Enterprises is committed to finding new methods of recyling and better uses of sawdust and unused trees.
Our Enviornmental Mission
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